Our Business Approach

We believe that our customer’s satisfaction is the key to our success and we restlessly strive hard to achieve this goal through best product and service delivery. We know that passing through the threshold of technological advancement is the only way-forward for sustainable agriculture. Our franchisees and dealers are our business partners and we shall continue creating and maintaining a win-win situation for them for a long term and profitable business proposition.
Research & Development is the backbone of our business and we massively depend upon the role of R&D. Sayban R&D scientists actively seek to discover methodologies that will increase crop yields, improve farmland-productivity, reduce losses due to disease and insects, develop more efficient equipment and increase overall quality and farmers’ profits
We also understand that analytical quality control of pesticides is crucial for ensuring their safe and effective use in fields. We keenly supervise and ensure quality control through our state-of-the-art laborator. Every new product undergoes not only multiple lab trails but a thorough on-filed study Sayban Research Farms before it goes into the market.

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